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    Several Control Ways of AC Motor


    1. Direct Torque Control Direct torque control has the […]

    1. Direct Torque Control

    Direct torque control has the advantages of simple structure, fast torque response, good robustness to parameters, etc., but it is a control method based on the Bang-Bang control of a single vector, torque and flux linkage hysteresis. Inevitably, the low-speed switching frequency is low, the switching frequency is not fixed, and the torque ripple is large, which limits the application of direct torque control in the low-speed region. The basic idea of direct torque control is to control the instantaneous input voltage of the motor by controlling the instantaneous input voltage of the motor under the conditions of accurately observing the spatial position and size of the stator flux and idiot whose amplitude is basically constant and accurately calculating the load torque. To control the instantaneous rotation speed of the motor stator flux linkage, to change its instantaneous rotation speed to the rotor, to achieve the purpose of directly controlling the motor output.

    2. VVVF control method

    VVVF (Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency, variable voltage and variable frequency), also known as a kind of speed adjustment method achieved by changing the AC motor power supply voltage and AC motor power supply frequency, that is, frequency conversion speed control method.

    The VVVF-controlled inverter links the AC motor, and changes the frequency and voltage through colleagues to achieve the purpose of constant magnetic flux (approximately characterized by back-EMF / frequency) and control of the AC motor speed (proportional to frequency). The word method is constant voltage and constant frequency control below the frequency, and constant voltage variable frequency control above the frequency.

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